positivist (positivist) wrote,

Jung's psychological stereotypes

You know, sometimes, in the secrecy of the darkness, I think I could be an extravert. ENTp, to be specific.

Hey, you never know.

But recently I've been reading Jung's Psychological Types. Right now I am looking into what Jung really, really meant by the 'object' and the 'subject'. So far I've been able to discern that:

'object' is something external that the extravert both feeds from and feeds into,
'object' is something dynamic,
'object' is something extraneous and technically unnecessary;

'subject' is something either internal, internally created, or something external assimilated into the self (what ISxjs do),
'subject' is something static or controlled by the self,
'subject' is something necessary for survival.

'objects' and 'subjects' are objects, needs, wants, events, processes, or whatever that a person consciously treats as one thing and that serves as the main focus in that person's life.
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