positivist (positivist) wrote,

Revel in Ravel

Ravel's Piano Concerto No. 1, second movement has to be the most beautiful piece ever. I heard a live version of the concerto about two months back, and even though the rest of the concerto was played horribly (university students, you know), the second movement was sublime. A smaller-than-average concert hall does wonders for the feeling of intimacy.

I wish you all could listen to a good mp3 recording of it, but my source for classical music (classic.manual.ru) is temporarily down. You COULD listen to a RealPlayer version of it, but the quality sucks so much, I am doing you the honor of not putting the link on my journal.

Now there are some internet-related things I should be doing, but I'm not going to do them quite yet, as I've been distancing myself from the cyberworld recently and the liberating feeling of living in the real world takes awhile to wear off.

But my theoretical developments on Socionics are really starting to show some results. Yay!
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