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Action/reaction mathematics update

Mmm...my research methods are circular and move in a very roundabout way. It helps me cover lots and lots of ground, but my focus is absolutely shot. Well, in relevance to this, my research in various other fields has lead me back into my theory of action/reaction mathematics, which I had started about five months ago but gave up on to pursue other more relevant fields (such as PDP theory, which led me into creating my current "convergence theory" of personality, which none of you know about...yet.) I am now calling that field Behavioral Topology. It and the other fields I am researching are all still quite nebulous and vague to me, but I have extremely high hopes for them.

Right now, I am sulking over the fact that my formal mathematics skills are quite low. I know what I want in my mathematical theory, the problem is that I have not the ability to formalize it. This is one reason for my interest in a minor in mathematics, but I fear that waiting to take a class on formal mathematics would take too long (chances are that I will not be able to take that class until next school year.) I try to teach myself mathematics, but...it gets really difficult at times. I know exactly what I want, though, and I know roughly how to express it in mathematics.

So far I am trying to formalize what I call a static reagent, which is, intuitively, a constant object (such as a rock or a pillow). I have that a static reagent is made up of one set of actions, one set of reactions, and one set of action/reaction pairs such that no element of the action set is identical to any element of the reaction set and the set of action/reaction pairs is formed by a bijective (one-to-one) mapping of the action set onto the reaction set (so that every element of the action/reaction set is in the form (a ® r), which is basically an ordered pair, (a, r), with the comma replaced by the "causes" operator.)

Now I just need to formalize that statement.
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